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What you should know about Gumtree advertising

Thinking of paying for advertising on Gumtree? Read this before you click the pay now button!

I have always been a big fan of Gumtree and have bought and sold many things on there over the years. As the site has grown it has become a viable platform to advertise your business or service to millions. This week we decided to try out Gumtrees very tempting advertising packages. We were looking to buy some adds as part of a campaign were running for a Hull Clothing company I wish I hadn’t.

Gumtree front pageWe started with the main national Gumtree site, viewed by millions a week. We were tempted by the Spotlight Post. As you can see its bang in the middle of the front page. Not bad for £19.95 for 7 days even if your add is on a carousel of images so wont always be seen if not scrolled.
What Gumtree do not tell you is your add will only appear on so many page views. I refreshed 6 times before I saw my add and still have to scroll to see it. Many add networks work this way but all I have used tell you exactly what your getting. Its like taking an advert out in your local paper but your add only appears in half the papers sold.

Hull GumtreeDisgruntled but not deterred I decided to “Feature” my add on Gumtree Hull.
This places your add to the top of your chosen category and on the front page under the “featured adds section” I entered my Hull postcode created my add and waited.
I couldnt find my add anywhere. I contacted gumtree who told me my add was live. I couldn’t see it. It turns out that as I was in a “village” on the outskirts of Hull the add that I had posted would only be seen if someone searched for my product in my particular location and not on the Gumtree Hull site.

I explained that I had clicked the “Feature your add here” link and paid to Feature my add there on the Gumtree Hull.
Gumtree support told me that my postcode placed me outside of Hull. I live 4 miles from the city centre.
I told gumtree this was not the case and asked them to change it. This is apparently not possible. and I was told that was that and was sent with my tail between my legs feeling mugged of £30 give or take a shilling.

I then noticed that the “village” Gumtree had plonked my listing under didnt even have its own Gumtree page so I was not even being featured on the page as it didn’t exist. So I spent the next hour explaining to a guy named Gerald that I had paid for something I have not received. By lunchtime gumtree agreed to refund my £30 and told me to place my add again using the manual method rather than post code.

I had waisted half a day already and was not going to be beaten. I featured my add again on Gumtree hull but decided against the spotlight add on the national site. RESULT! Within three hours my add was live on the Hull gumtree site featured on the front page and my chosen category.

I paid for 7 days This was yesterday. I looked today and while my add is still the top of the category its is no longer featured on the front page. Its just gone. Maybe it only shows on so many page views. So today I have been clicking and refreshing on my phone, laptop, PC, friends PC and guess what Its not showing.

I have advertised on more sites than 99% of the population. Ran 1000’s of successful campaigns for 100s of business’ on countless sites and networks but I have never been let down like I have with good old Gumtree.
OK its cheap but its just not good enough. What has really cost me is the time I ended up waisting. I dont think I can cope with another 5 hours with gumtree support. Of all the sites in all the wold who would have thought that it would have been my old fave Gumtree that has me beaten.

Try it by all means but don’t invest your time complaining when you get told exactly what your getting AFTER YOU HAVE PAID YOUR MONEY.

Power of radio Humberside.

My working day starts the same time as David Burns kicks off his morning show on Radio Humberside. For those under a rock its a talky topical affair with a smattering of decent music that makes my mornings fly by.

About a month ago the topic of the day was the state of Hull and its economy. It doesn’t take much for me to start ranting about what could be done to improve our great city so I decided to ad my penny arcades worth via email. To my surprise and to Burnsys credit he read it. In its entirety.

Here’s my edited version

I’m sure the chap from Hull Bid and St Stephens is very well intentioned but how many local independent
stores does the st stephens shopping centre have?
The most charming part of our city has had the life sucked out of it due to the likes of st Stephens and this needs to be tackled! Whitefriargate is almost empty.
How about opening a few up for independent traders, craft shops and so on. encourage the developers to create smaller units from the larger stores.
Boarded up shops are our biggest enemy. We need to get them sorted out.
1000’s of people come to Hull on train to to watch the football and rugby. What is the first thing they see when they leave the station? One of the the most tragic looking buildings in the region, The old new York Hotel. This building alone does more damage to the city than any other single issue.
From the station to the KC what do people see? A dump. Its the golden mile of dereliction.
The future of the city centre lie’s in making it an attractive place to visit.
Places like York don’t have trouble attracting people. Full of local traders earning money and generating income.

And on it went.

Someone at the Hull daily mail listens to Burnsey in the morning

About a week after that email was read out on radio Humberside the Hull daily mail ran a story about Hull city council putting pressure on the (above mentioned) property owners and developers to sort out their derelict building or face prosecution.
A few days after that The Hull daily mail Ran a story about the New York hotel. Its owners have been warned told to redevelop or it will be demolished.

Then a week after that it ran a story about St Stephens opening its front up to a local trader. (Hats off to St Stephens)

Whitefriargate Hull

Hull Daily Mail’s Expert. Image taken from Hull daily Mail website

Then to top it all..
The Hull daily mail ran a story about (the above mentioned) whitefriargate quoting an “expert” on what needs doing to stop the rot.
You will never guess what!!
The “expert” reckons the above mentioned shops down whitefriargate should be made available to above mentioned small local traders and the above mentioned large shops could be converted into above mentioned smaller units thus regenerating the almost derelict witefriargate.

Praise be for the Hull daily mail and their experts.

I hope my lighthearted sarcasm (see above) wasn’t too apparent.