Everyone loves Hull

Not in my lifetime has their been such a buzz about Hull.
As much as I love the people of Hull I have always been frustrated by their pessimistic outlook and attitude towards our own fair city. That is until recently.
If we cast our minds back only a few years to when it was first announced that Hull was in the running to become city of culture. Many peoples response to the idea was derisory to say the least. “Ha what culture have we got? a drug culture” was one that made me chuckle. Fast forward a few years and its announced that the city of culture 2017 would be Hull. The change in the attitude in the general public of Hull was nothing short of astounding.
It was more than a change in attitude it was a change in atmosphere, a change in peoples expectations.

No longer is Hull just fallen fishing port at the end of a road to nowhere. Hull has become a destination in its own right and is now a global brand. This has not happen since the big city of culture announcement, however it has taken the city of culture announcement to realize that great things can happen in Hull. We can make national and worldwide news for more than just crime, poverty, unemployment, and teenage mothers, all of which are falling by the way.

Coupled with Hull City holding their own in the worlds most watched football league and reaching the final of the FA cup the people of Hull know that anything is possible. A can do attitude has spread across the City like wildfire and people are now celebrating the fact that they come from Hull. Their is even an “I love Hull shop thats recently opened selling Hull related T-shirts and clothing.

Not so long ago people muttered Ull when asked where they’re from. TToday they are shouting it from the rooftops and can now have the T-shirt to prove it.

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