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Over the last year we have mediated in many social media disputes between Business' and the general public. We are now offering this mediation service to all business' and organisations. The good and bad of social mediaSocial media is a great way of spreading the word about your...


Thinking of paying for advertising on Gumtree? Read this before you click the pay now button! I have always been a big fan of Gumtree and have bought and sold many things on there over the years. As the site has grown it has become a viable platform to advertise your business or service to millions. This week we decided to try out Gumtrees very tempting advertising packages. I wish I hadn't.

Not in my lifetime has their been such a buzz about Hull. As much as I love the people of Hull I have always been frustrated by their pessimistic outlook and attitude towards our own fair city. That is until recently. If we cast our minds back only a few years to when it was...

radio humberside

My working day starts the same time as David Burns kicks off his morning show on Radio Humberside. For those under a rock its a talky topical affair with a smattering of decent music that makes my mornings fly by. About a month ago the topic of the day was the state of Hull and its economy. It doesn't take much for me to start ranting about what could be done to improve our great city so I decided to ad my penny arcades worth via email. To my surprise and to Burnseys credit he read it. In its entirety.

Teeth whitening Hull

Hull Hair and beauty salon Body Beautiful are running an offer on their professional teeth whitening service at their salon on Southcoats lane in Hull. This professional teeth whitening procedure takes about an hour using the latest products and advanced equipment. Its a simple pain free and even relaxing treatment that results in a great looking smile and boosts your confidence.