Social media mediation

Over the last year we have mediated in many social media disputes between Business’ and the general public. We are now offering this mediation service to all business’ and organisations.

The good and bad of social media

Social media is a great way of spreading the word about your business. With all the good it brings it also has its pitfall’s. Just as people spread the word about the great service or products they are also well with their rights to inform their friends when they feel they have has shoddy service or bought inferior problems.

However from time to time the far reaching influence of social media can be abused by vindictive customers or even other business’
This can be a nightmare for any business.

Damaged social media reputation

The latest mediation case involves a well known, long established Hull business. A business who always had great feedback on social media platforms, review sites and so on. Almost overnight found regular posts from disgruntled customers. The person/s in question were not only posting bad things about the business but were encouraging friends to share the posts. These same posts were systematically posted to all related facebook groups & pages.
This had considerable negative effect on the business within weeks.
When we looked into this the person/s were never customers of the business in question. After further investigation we established that these people were either friends or related to the owner of a rival company who were opening a branch near the business we were representing.

Unfortunately, in this case we advised the business to seek legal advice. However, in most cases potentially costly legal action can be avoided through Social media dispute mediation.

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